Honeymoon Photography: Yes, It’s a Thing

It’s true—honeymoon photography is a thing. And for good reason!

Think about it. We’ve all been there. You’re somewhere special with your significant other and you encounter the perfect photo op, but it’s just the two of you.

You ask a fellow tourist or passerby to take the photo for you, but when you get it back it’s less than ideal. Now you have to either ask someone else and hope for better results, or take a close-up selfie that misses the view. You’re left with a photo that just doesn’t quite capture how special the place or moment really is.

Now imagine that frustration on your honeymoon—a trip full of moments you want to capture perfectly and remember forever.

Hiring a honeymoon photographer means that you’ll never have to worry about less-than-stellar photos of your trip. Even better, you can stay fully present in every moment with your brand new husband or wife.

If you’re thinking yes, I need that—read on. In this article we’ll cover the important ins and outs of honeymoon photography and 6 reasons you won’t regret having it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Honeymoon photo shoots are short, dedicated shoots at a predetermined date, time, and location.
  • Honeymoon photography captures your honeymoon authentically in a documentary style. It can also include dedicated photo shoots when desired.
  • Hiring a honeymoon photographer allows you to stay present and in every moment as a newly married couple.
  • Photographers have a skilled creative perspective that will capture the full scope and beauty of your honeymoon trip.
  • Honeymoon photography gives you a tangible keepsake of your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Photo Shoots vs. Honeymoon Photography

They might sound similar, but they’re definitely different—and if you’re thinking about hiring a photographer for your honeymoon, it’s essential to know how.

Honeymoon photo shoots are pretty common. Sometimes, they’re even included in the package you book with a resort or hotel. 

When you do a honeymoon photo shoot, you schedule a set date and time with a photographer (usually one local to your honeymoon destination). You might choose to photograph one certain activity on your itinerary, or maybe just choose a scenic location to take keepsake photos.

Example of a honeymoon photo shoot.

Just like an engagement photo shoot, a honeymoon photo shoot lasts a few hours (or less) and you get a set amount of photos in return.

Honeymoon photography is more about capturing your entire trip documentary-style. It involves taking a photographer along with you for the whole ride. They’ll join you on excursions you take and photograph all the simple moments, too—like when you’re just out for some gelato.

Example of documentary-style honeymoon photography.

Of course, you’ll still get alone time when you want it. Your honeymoon photographer doesn’t have to join you for every part of your trip. But they’ll be there when you want them to be, and they’ll capture your trip in a more complete and organic way.

6 Reasons to Have Full-Scale Honeymoon Photography

You’ll Have HQ Memories

Honeymoons are usually once-in-a-lifetime trips—and a chance to capture once-in-a-lifetime photos. Professional photographers have the expertise and equipment to capture your special honeymoon moments in high quality.

You can be confident your honeymoon photos will capture the full scope and beauty of your destination, and the joy and excitement you feel spending time there together.

You Can Stay Present

When you have a photographer with you, you can stay completely immersed in the honeymoon experience without feeling the need to take pictures yourself. Honeymoon photographers have a knack for being discreet and capturing great shots without interrupting the moment.

You Can Have Dedicated Photoshoots

When you hire a honeymoon photographer to join you for your whole trip, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll have tons of photos that capture your authentic honeymoon experience, but you can also plan dedicated photo shoots in special locations or for certain activities. You can arrange for the perfect combination of candids and posed photos however you see fit.

You’ll Have a Forever Keepsake

One of the things we hear most from couples we photograph is how happy they are to have a wedding photo album that will help them relive the day whenever they want. The same can be true for your honeymoon!

Your honeymoon is such a unique and cherished time for you as a newly married couple, and a honeymoon photographer can create a tangible keepsake of the trip that lasts a lifetime.

You Won’t Stress About Getting the Perfect Shot

Having a professional photographer with you on your honeymoon means you won’t have to stress about capturing the perfect shots yourselves. See a spectacular view? You won’t have to whip out your iPhone and interrupt the moment—you can just enjoy it together while your photographer does the work.

The same applies for moments when you’re feeling especially sentimental and in love, and want to capture the emotion in that moment to remember forever. Honeymoon photographers are pros at knowing when those moments are happening and capturing them organically on camera.

You’ll Get a Unique Perspective

A professional photographer will have a skilled creative eye and the ability to capture unique perspectives of your honeymoon destination, highlighting details and elements that you may have missed otherwise.

Will Your Wedding Photographer Shoot Your Honeymoon?

It depends! The best way to find out if your wedding photographer is also willing to do your honeymoon photography is to just ask.

Many times (like here, at Perennial), we don’t offer honeymoon photography as a standard part of our pricing packages. But we’re happy to go on the trip with clients who invite us!

It makes sense to want your wedding photographer to do your honeymoon photography because it will feel like a more natural extension of your wedding. Plus, they already know you as a couple and know the ins and outs of what you want from your photographs.

So, if you’re thinking honeymoon photography is for you, it’s worth a shot to ask them about it. Be sure to do it as early as possible so they don’t book other weddings during the time you’ll be on your honeymoon trip.

If they’re not available, don’t stress too much. They can probably recommend a photographer friend who is willing to go with you, or you can do your own research to find someone awesome that’s local to your honeymoon destination!

Take Perennial With You on Your Honeymoon

Did you know we travel with our clients to destination weddings and honeymoons? If you’re interested in an all-in-one photographer for your wedding and honeymoon, book a call with us to talk more!

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